This Cliffside California Home Will Absolutely Take Your Breath Away (Photos)

We showed you the most extreme vacation rental in Australia a while ago.

However, The Pole House isn't the only home living on the edge.

There's another cliff-hanging pad in Carmel Valley Village, California, and it looks just as spectacular.

This stunning structure, the Fall House, was designed by the California-based firm, Fougeron Architecture. It sits on the side of a 250-foot cliff that drops down to the Pacific Ocean.

According to Fougeron Architecture,

Our design strategy embeds the building within the land, creating a structure inseparable from its context. The site offers dramatic views, yet it demands a form more complex than a giant picture window.

In addition to an open, flowing floor plan and a contemporary design, the home utilizes a variety of sustainable materials to play off the dwelling's natural surroundings.

The Fall House is nestled into the cliffside of California.

This stunning, three-bedroom home was created by Fougeron Architecture.

It's situated alongside the Pacific Ocean.

However, this isn't your ordinary oceanfront home.

It actually hangs over the side of a 250-foot cliff.

Needless to say, this probably isn't the home for someone afraid of heights.

But if you are willing to live on the edge, this house will give you some pretty spectacular views.

It consists of two rectangular boxes...

...connected by a glass library.

The lower level contains bedrooms and bathrooms...

...and the upper level features the home's entrance, living room, kitchen and dining area.

The Fall House features a sleek modern interior...

...and boasts a variety of natural elements to visually enhance the beauty of the surrounding property.

The northern side of the structure features floor-to-ceiling windows offering sweeping ocean views.

The opposing side is covered in copper to protect the exterior from the harsh elements.

According to the architects, "The challenge was to design a house in one of the most spectacular natural settings on the Pacific Coast that would both respect and transform the land."

I think anyone would agree the Fall House definitely accomplishes this mission.

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