Someone Drew Some Pretty Erotic Portraits Of The Disney Princes (Photos)

There are people that keep their art rated PG. And then there are people who take their illustrating skills to the next level.

It seems the overarching artistic trend this year amongst most illustrators and artists is Disney characters.

Whether it's penning a portrait of your favorite Disney princesses as gun-wielding maniacs or using their likenesses and physical attributes to raise awareness for domestic violence, artists have found tons of unique ways to incorporate their favorite childhood cartoon characters.

However, some people take it too far and use their skill for their own pleasure. Artist David Kawena, in a recent, incredibly strange visual series, profiles the princes of Disney.

I'm not sure if I'd want my kid sharing these on Facebook, but hey, I'm sure there are worse things on the Internet.

Throughout the series, Kawena illustrates characters like Shang from Mulan, Peter Pan and more.

Check them out below at your own risk!

Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast"

Kuzco from "The Emperor's New Groove"

John Smith from "Pocahontas"

Prince Naveen from "The Princess and the Frog"

Devil Kronk from "The Emperor's New Groove"

Flynn Rider from "Tangled"

Kristoff from "Frozen"

Aladdin from "Aladdin"

Dr. Joshua Sweet from "Atlantis"

Hercules from "Hercules"

Captain Li Shang from "Mulan"

Peter Pan from "Peter Pan"

Tarzan from "Tarzan"

Wreck-It Ralph from "Wreck-It Ralph"

Photos Courtesy: David Kawena/Pinterest