To Stop Your Car Windows From Fogging Up, Try This Amazing Hack

Dave Hax is a genius.

In his latest video, the life guru reveals a clever trick to prevent car windows from fogging up.

If you're a driver, you know how frustrating steamy windows are: No matter how much you wipe off the condensation, it returns seconds later, making visibility impossible and driving difficult -- not to mention dangerous.

Hax's, well, hack, is so simple, we're amazed nobody thought of it sooner.

Fogged windows are the result of excess moisture in the car. So, naturally, if you eliminate the moisture, you eliminate the fog.

His method to absorb the moisture? Fill a sock full of clay or silica cat litter and rest it on the dashboard.

The more absorbent the litter, the better, but either way, the litter will attract the moisture in the air and keep it from settling on the windows.

Hax notes that the trick may take a couple of days to go into effect, but once it does -- voila! You'll never be stuck de-fogging the windows on your morning drive again.

See what I mean? Brilliant.

For more life hacks and clever tricks, head over to Hax's channel.

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