There's A New Social Network Specifically For Stoners, You're Welcome

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, it seems smoking pot is becoming more popular than ever.

A while back we introduced you to High There!, an app many people know as the "Tinder for tokers."

If you've never heard of it, let me fill you in.

High There! is an app that allows you to match with other stoners based on your smoking preferences and energy level while under the influence.

High There!

If the thought of finding a bae who shares your fondness for blunts sounds pretty cool, you'll be glad to know High There! just rolled out a new platform that goes beyond helping you find a lit lover.

High There!

I recently had a chance to sit down with Darren Roberts, the co-founder of High There!, to get the scoop on all of the app's new features.

For the new platform, Darren and his partner wanted to create a social network specifically for weed smokers that allows members of the cannabis community to connect, exchange ideas and cultivate the culture.

So, in addition to matching and messaging, they decided to add "DailyJoints," a real-time community stream of “joints” (or posts) “rolled” by other members for users to "share their thoughts and experiences in the context of a worldwide virtual smoking room."

High There!

According to Roberts,

With DailyJoints, the community can share more about what is important and interesting to them. This new release will allow us to continue to achieve our vision of providing a platform for the modern cannabis consumer to connect in the most meaningful way possible.

At a first glance, this social network almost seems like a hybrid strain of Tinder and Facebook.

However, this platform looks way cooler, and instead matching with a shirtless dude petting a tiger or constantly being bombarded by updates from your weird relatives, your High There! feed will only be filled with posts from fellow weed enthusiasts.

High There!

As far as the future is concerned, Roberts also told Elite Daily,

As an increasing number of states legalize it, marijuana is becoming more accepted by society and the community of weed smokers is growing faster than ever. Our overall goal is to grow with the community and strengthen the culture by creating a comfortable space where individuals and even cannabis-related business can connect.

If you're trying to get in on the action, the High There! app is available for download on both Apple and Android devices.