Celebrate Stoner Christmas All Year Round With Dollar High Club

Dollar High Club

Now that the marijuana revolution is taking hold, there's no shortage of great subscription boxes to be found. In the past, we've smoked our way through premium subscription boxes inspired by history and celebrity-curated boxes that grew out of a college dorm room.

But there was one marijuana subscription box we had yet to try -- the predecessor of all monthly ganja goodies, the OG dollar box if you will. Which one could that be, you ask? We're talking about Dollar High Club, of course.

Back in August of 2015, Dollar High Club launched the first-ever $0.99 marijuana subscription box that includes all the basics: rolling papers, filter tips, three feet of bee wick and a matchbook. With all the basic, all-natural products you need in one sleek envelope, it's the everyman's box that launched their canna-accessory empire.

Elite Daily spoke with the CEO of Dollar High Club, Harrison Baum, about changing the negative stereotype that is somehow still pegged to this country's wonderful community of cannabis users. On that front, Baum says,

There's still a ton of work to do to change the stereotype, but we hope to be making a difference in some way. Our first hire (and now CCO) was an activist before joining DHC. We actually met at a Women Grow event. If you haven't heard of Women Grow, it's an AMAZING organization. We donate to them regularly, as their goal is to connect, educate and empower women in all segments of the cannabis industry. From what I've seen, they run the most professional cannabis advocacy events in DC.

Along with selling first-rate boxes, Dollar High Club has given supplies away to help reduce the stoner stigma in Washington, DC. As Baum explains,

We also handed out free smoking supplies at the first government sponsored cannabis event and our employees helped carry the 50-foot joint past the White House last month.

A 50-foot joint?! Did they steal that straight from our dreams?!

You might be surprised to learn that the idea for Dollar High Club started with one normal-sized, albeit expensive, joint. Baum tells it better than we can:

As for the J, after work I paid $7 for a pack of "Smoking" brand papers and hemp wick at my local head shop (as always hoping nobody from work saw me go in). Shortly after rolling and lighting up, I realized walking 2 miles and spending $7 doesn't seem like the most efficient way to indulge in my ritual anymore. I still have the receipt as a memento!

Realizing there had to be a better, cheaper way to discreetly deliver smoking supplies to cannabis connoisseurs, Baum quit his job at Vistaprint to start his own business. Lucky for us, we got to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Dollar High Club sent samples of all three tiers our way -- that is, the All-Natural, Connoisseur and El Primo packs -- for the Elite Daily team to test out. And I've got to say, playing with the full spread was pretty fantastic. Naturally, the El Primo box was our favorite considering it was filled to the brim with awesome supplies. For $30 and a new piece of glass every time, it turns out to be a total steal.

The El Primo box came with one of these little beauties, which is one of the best things I've personally ever seen in my long, bong-ripping career. Prepare your inner basic bitch, because she's going to get super-duper high with this piece.

Dollar High Club

And even though we officially have more weed supplies than any mortal human could ever need, I'm pretty sure we still NEED a "danklet," aka an ankle bracelet that doubles as a pipe. Because that's just pure brilliance.

Dollar High Club

For as low as a dollar a box, you can definitely afford to treat your little stoner self to some awesome cannabis goodies every month. Because believe me, babe, you're worth it.