Starbucks Releases An Insanely Fudgy Frapp You Need ASAP


It's no secret that Starbucks has been slaying the coffee scene this summer.

From sweet sips inspired by your favorite warm-weather treats like the s'mores frappuccino to blended beverages that taste like birthday cake in a cup, Starbucks has been adding all sorts of insanely delicious drinks to its menu over the past few months.

If you've already managed to sip your way through all the new flavors Starbucks has to offer, I have some good news for you.

It turns out that there's another new flavor you can add to your frappuccino flavor rotation.

That's right. Starbucks quietly released a tasty new treat on June 11, and this frapp flavor is basically a dream come true for every chocoholic out there.

Behold, the Double Double Fudge Bar Frappuccino.

Apparently, this chocolatey coffee treat tastes like a Fudgsicle bar in frapp form and it looks downright heavenly, to say the least.

The Double Double Fudge Bar Frappuccino features a creamy blend of coffee, ice, vanilla syrup and a double dose of mocha syrup that's topped with a mouthwatering mountain of chocolate whipped cream.

If you're looking to get your hands on one of these drool-worthy drinks, you better act fast because, according to Starbucks, this limited edition drink will only be around for a few weeks.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome new frapp flavor.

If you're looking for a decadent way to get your caffeine fix...

Double summer fun with a NEW Starbucks @frappuccino: the Double Double Fudge Bar — Starbucks News (@Starbucksnews) June 11, 2016'll be glad to know that Starbucks just added another sweet treat to its menu.

Feast your eyes on the Double Double Fudge Bar Frappuccino.

This new flavor is the coffee chain's most chocolatey frapp yet...

...and basically tastes like a caffeine-packed Fudgsicle bar in a cup.

If you're wondering exactly what's in this bad boy, let me break it down for you.

The Double Double Fudge Bar Frapp features a double dose of delicious mocha syrup...

Along with vanilla syrup, coffee, ice...

...and a pile of chocolate-infused whipped cream for good measure.

Time to add a new member to our Frappuccino Family. #SayHello to the Double Double Fudge Bar! @Starbucks @LsmithAnn — Starbucks 8713 (@Starbucks8713) June 11, 2016

Apparently, a lot of people have already tried out the new frapp...

OMG! The Double Double Fudge Bar frapp at Starbucks is really chocolately and tasty! It's so good! ;w; — Maru (@marubaratrash) June 12, 2016

...and it seems like people are really loving these chocolaty coffee confections.

Double Double Fudge Frap. Yes @Starbucks yes — Melanie Marie (@mellyybaby) June 12, 2016

Apparently, the Double Double Fudge Bar Frapp will only be around for the next few weeks...

If you go to Starbucks get the "double double chocolate fudge frappacino" it's everything — robby (@robbyclarin) June 11, 2016 you better snag as many of these bad boys as you can before they're gone for good.

The Double Double Fudge Bar Frap is got my Mini but wish For a Tall instead. @Starbucks #starbucks — Elle R. (@elleisforshe) June 11, 2016

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