Starbucks Just Brought Back Your Favorite Frappuccino For A Limited Time

Last week, Starbucks brought one of your favorite frappuccino flavors back for the summer season.

If being reunited with your beloved S'mores Frapp basically made you cry tears of joy into your marshmallow-flavored whipped cream, you might want to sit down for a moment.

Apparently, that icy campfire confection isn't the only drink being reintroduced to the menu.

That's right. Starbucks just decided to make all of our thirsty dreams come true by bringing back the heavenly Birthday Cake Frappuccino.

I repeat. This is not a drill. The Birthday Cake Frapp is back, and it looks tastier than ever.

Now you may remember this sweet treat from its brief appearance on the menu last year, but if not, let me give you the scoop.

The Birthday Cake Frappuccino features a frosty vanilla-bean-and-hazelnut-blended beverage that is then decked out in a mountain of pink whipped cream.

If you're looking to sip on one of these cake-inspired concoctions, this limited-time drink will only be available at Starbucks from April 28 to May 2, so you better celebrate while you can.

Check out the pictures below to see this delectable drink.

Your birthday is about to come early this year...

...because Starbucks just brought back this beloved cake-inspired beverage.

That's right. The Birthday Cake Frappuccino is back on the menu for a limited time...

...and these sweet sips look insanely delicious, to say the least.

If you're wondering what is in this frosty drink, let me fill you in.

The Birthday Cake Frappuccino features a creamy blend of vanilla bean and hazelnut...

...that is then smothered in pink whip.

I mean, seriously, how do you not love a drink decked out in a delectable pile of pink whipped cream?

If you're looking to celebrate your b-day early with one of these bad boys...

...Starbucks will be offering this cool beverage from April 28 to May 2.