This Space-Themed Black Velvet Cake Is What Galactic Dreams Are Made Of

by Kate Ryan

Do you ever wish you could have your universe and eat it too? Well now you can, thanks to baker and cookbook author Heather Baird.

Drawing on inspiration from Hubble space telescope photos of the universe, Baird baked a "Black Velvet Nebula Cake" that looks just like a galaxy far, far away -- only more delicious.

Sprinkle Bakes

While the outside of the cake is frosted with tinted edible gels on a black fondant background to achieve the galactic look, the inside is peppered with white confetti sprinkles to represent stars. It looks stunning and scrumptious from the inside out.

She described how to make the cosmic cake on her blog, Sprinklebakes. And, as you might have guessed, it's not the kind of project most amateur bakers probably want to take on.

Sprinkle Bakes

Until my baking skills improve, there's always the next best thing, i.e. noshing on some Ding Dongs while drooling over these gorgeous pictures.

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