Someone Is Renting Out An Igloo On Airbnb For Only $10 A Night (Photos)

Traveling to Boston but don't have the cash to spend on a hotel?

You're in luck: A man in Cambridge, MA -- just outside of Boston -- is renting out a large backyard igloo for a mere $10 per night via Airbnb.

After Winter Storm Juno pummeled his yard with snow, the man, known just as Pierre, crafted the shelter using skills he learned while traveling through Siberia.

There's no charge for extra guests, and the igloo is equipped with a tarp and yoga mats, although Pierre cautions that guests will have to bring their own sleeping bags.

The igloo can fit two, and restroom and kitchen amenities in the house are available for use.

Sure, it'll be cold -- and there's always the possibility the snow structure could collapse on you -- but hey, for $10, we'd say it's worth the risk.

Here's the igloo from the outside.

It's in Cambridge, MA, just outside of Boston.

The inside is cozy, but it can fit two.

Here's the Airbnb posting.

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