Someone Actually Designed A Home In The Exact Shape Of A Penis (Photos)

If you've ever seen the movie "Superbad," chances are you already know the best kinds of food are always shaped like dicks.

But, did you know some of the coolest houses in Australia also take the form of male genitalia?

That's right, there's a house in Sydney dubbed the Sherwin House that's shaped like a dick.

Created by architect Stan Symonds, this unique home features a floor plan that resembles none other than a gigantic 3,950-square-foot penis.

It's pretty obvious where Symonds found the inspiration for this blueprint. Not to mention, it's also pretty ironic this sexy structure is situated on a piece of land that offers the utmost privacy and boasts a lush bushland backdrop to boot.

If you've ever had wet dreams of living in a modern, manly home, you'll be glad to know you can actually buy the penis-shaped pad since it is currently being sold by Agent Phil Vanstone from LJ Hooker Mona Vale.

It's not hard to see the Sherwin House offers the whole package, and you'll definitely want the D after taking a peek at this private property.

At a first glance, the Sherwin House seems like your typical house in Sydney.

But after viewing the floor plan, you'll quickly realize this house is concealing a wee little secret. It's actually shaped like a dick.

The home was erected in 1958.

I wonder what was on Symonds' mind...

While the thought of living in a dick-shaped house may seem a bit crude, the curvature of this sexy structure looks pretty spectacular.

And it's surrounded by a lush bushland backdrop on a very private piece of property.

The best part is that this dwelling is actually up for grabs.

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