Here's What Your Snapchat Filter Says About How High You Are

by The Kind

My Snapchat use is directly tied to my weed intake. The more I smoke, the more I Snap. The more I dab, the more prolific I am in my use of the app's new-ish facial filters.

Those things are nuts, dude. And the tech powering them is more complex than one might think -- much like my penchant for post-/mid-blaze sesh Snapping.

There are many plausible explanations for this behavior: The right sativa strain seemingly makes me more talkative; a higher me is generally much more extroverted and DTS (down-to-Snap) than a not-so-high me.

I'm also a Millennial, so I will actually cease to exist if I don't interact with some form of social media at least once per hour. Indeed, the most logical scenario for my stoned Snapping is that I'm just high as hell, bored and alive, and I have my phone in my hand.

There is no drug test yet available that determines if someone is high simply via Snapchat filters. I'd like to think, however, the choice in filter indeed determines just how high a user actually is.

With the help of an iPhone, a sunny California afternoon, and The KIND's willing and creative art director, this experiment became a reality.

This What Dabbing Really Looks Like

The Kind

Don't let any trending dance moves fool you.

This is what your first dab really looks and feels like. After you exhale, you want to laugh; you try to smile, but the cough struggle is real.

You want to, like, see anything at all, but you physically can't open your eyes. Despite the head rush, a sense of tranquility runs through you from head-to-toe. You radiate a soothing glow.

Also, you might be asleep.

When The Chronic Is So Good It Makes You Cry

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Either that, or you're actually out of weed and sad AF.

When The Weed Isn't Actually Weed

The Kind

"Yo, let me get a hit of those trees."

"Damn, son, these aren't trees. This is PCP!"


That "One-Hitter-Quitter"

The Kind

This is the go-to filter to describe what it's like when you only need one hit to get hella lit.

Ampheta-weed Got Me Like

The Kind

Want to go to the mall? Let's count grains of sand. I need to make a new playlist. What's your favorite color? Have you found Jesus?

Snaps You Back the Next Morning

The Kind

"Just seeing this now. Dabs had me gone, bro."

Down To Smoke?

The Kind

"Cool, me too. I don't have any weed, though..."

This post was originally written by Ben Parker Karris for The Kind.

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