This Skiing Dog Tears Up The Slopes Way Better Than Most Humans (Video)

Training your dog to fetch tennis balls and give you its paw can be hard enough.

What about teaching your furry little friend some extreme winter sports?

One skier from Zurich, Adrian Schaffner, recently posted a video to YouTube showing off his awesome skiing skills, but he's not alone when he hits the slopes.

If you look closely at the footage from his latest trip to Val Müstair, you'll realize Schaffner isn't wearing a big, fuzzy scarf around his neck.

That furry thing keeping him warm is actually his adorable dog, Sintha.

Yep, this little pup is pretty much a pro at hanging on to her best bud's shoulders as he tears up the slopes at top speeds.

According to Schaffner,

Sintha was injured at just five weeks old and had trouble walking, which is when she got used to riding on people's shoulders. Now that she's all better, this makes her the fastest dog on the mountain.

Check out the video to see Schaffner and Sintha in action.

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