Here's What Happens When You Shoot Glitter Bullets From A Shotgun

I am not a fan of firearms.

I know the whole gun-rights thing is a divisive issue, and I don't intend to push my opinions on anyone; however, personally, I believe weapons do far more harm than good (just look at all the accidental shooting deaths caused by toddlers in the past year, and you'll see why I feel this way).

Like everything, however, there are exceptions. I have no problems with water guns, for example, and I think paint guns are dope (getting hit by a fast-traveling paintball, however, not so much).

It all comes down to intent: A weapon isn't a weapon, after all, until it is used as such.

For this reason, I'm advocating on behalf of “glitter bomb shotgun slugs,” a genius invention dreamt up by the folks at TAOFLEDERMAUS.

Used as replacement shotgun bullets, the plastic, glitter-filled vials can be expelled out of a firearm much like a regular bullet. Whereas traditional loaded firearms are used to maim or kill, these sparkly bullet-bombs are made purely for entertainment (and they're awesome — just imagine how magical a sparkle-slug shootout would be).

Of course, I'd still prefer the world to be firearm-free. But for glitter guns, I'm willing to make an exception.

See them in all their glory below.


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