12 Of The Most Shameless Ways People Have Tried To Save Money


When I was younger, I couldn't wait to be an adult and have the freedom to do whatever I wanted.

However, there's one thing no one tells you about going off into the world on your own.

Being an adult means you have to pay for all your own sh*t.

Now, in theory, that doesn't sound too bad... until you realize we live in a world where everything is really, really f*cking expensive.

This makes saving money really hard, especially if you're an unemployed college student or a recent grad who's living in a city where 90 percent of your meager paycheck goes toward paying the rent for your closet-sized studio apartment.

Yep, the adulting struggle can be seriously real.

But when it comes to making ends meet, sometimes you just have to get a little creative with your penny pinching and figure out some unconventional ways to lighten your financial burdens and ball out on a budget.

I recently asked a bunch of people to confess all the ways they shamelessly save money and, I must say, while some of these methods might be kind of unethical, they're also pretty damn ingenious.

Here are some of hilarious stories about people saving money we can all relate to.