This Genius Device Keeps Your Partner From Watching Netflix Without You

There are lots of benefits to being in a committed relationship.

But the best thing about having a significant other is always having someone to cozy up with on the couch and watch your favorite shows, of course!

Yep, just like commitment and trust, TV shows are a sacred part of every relationship.

Because let's be real, cheating on bae with the newest episode of "Narcos" is basically just as bad as cheating on your boo IRL.

However, thanks to one clever ice cream brand, your days of worrying about your partner's wandering eyes may soon be a thing of the past.

Say "hello" to Commitment Rings.

Created by the company Cornetto, this ingenious invention is basically like a chastity belt for your Netflix-clicking fingers and only lets you tune in to your favorite shows while in the presence of your partner.

If you're wondering how these things work, it's quite simple.

These mobile app-enabled rings feature NFC (near field communication) technology connected to a video-streaming platform that becomes activated only when the rings are right next to each other.

So yeah, only one ring basically means no "Narcos" for you.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at these hilarious rings and get ready to make a "#SeriesCommittment."

When it comes to watching your favorite shows, a lot of people find it difficult to stay faithful to their partners.


Some people prefer to do their Netflix cheating while their significant others are asleep...


...or even worse, watch the shows all over again and pretend like they're super surprised when some serious sh*t goes down at the end of an episode.


But thanks to a clever new invention from Cornetto called Commitment Rings, your days of being a series cheater may soon be over.


The rings work with an app, which lets you and bae select your sacred television shows.


After you make your selections, you'll only be able to watch these shows when the rings are in their rightful place together.


The rings use NFC technology that can be connected to various video-streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu...


...and they only become activated when the rings are side by side.


So only one ring means there's no way you can possible cheat on your boo with Frank and Claire Underwood.


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