'Harry Potter' Nerds, Rejoice! A School Of Wizardry Is Finally Open

If you've always dreamed of receiving an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, you'll be glad to know you can now actually learn spells and potions, just like Harry.

Claus RaastedLiveform and Rollespils Fabrikken recently teamed up to give magic-loving Muggles the chance to experience a real-life magic school by creating the College Of Wizardry at Czocha Castle in Poland.

After arriving at the castle, students are sorted into houses and spend the next four days living and going to classes on this enchanting campus, just like real witches and wizards.

The College of Wizardry also has its own scenography team to painstakingly design every room in the castle to give students the most authentic experience possible.

This magic LARP event lets you take on the role of a student, a professor or even a ghost haunting the hallways of the castle.

If that's not enough to convince you to grab your wand and hightail it on your broomstick to Poland, there's even a full-blown magical ball at the end of the event.

I guess dreams really do come true.

Behold, the College of Wizardry.

This LARP event is pretty much like Hogwarts IRL.

Wannabe wizards can totally geek out with about 130 other magic-loving Muggles as they live and attend classes in a charming Polish castle.

The entire castle is carefully designed by a scenography team.

After being sorted into a house, you can take learn the tricks of the trade as a student...

You can lead others through class lectures as a professor of Potions...

...or you can assume the role of a ghost.

There's also a magical ball before you're sent back to the boring real world.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the College Of Wizardry.

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