School Lunches From Around The World Put The US To Shame (Photos)


There's no denying lunch is probably the best meal of the day.

It's always nice to reward yourself for working hard all morning with a delicious midday meal, and it gives you a chance to unwind with your classmates or coworkers before it's back to the board room for the remainder of the day.

Eating a healthy lunch is also crucial to maintaining your focus and staying on your A-game throughout the day.

Plus, it plays an important role in regulating your metabolism, especially for growing children.

However, when it comes to provided lunches in public school cafeterias, schools in the US tend to drop the ball and fall short of meeting recommended nutrition standards.

In an effort to raise awareness about the shortcomings of American school lunches, the restaurant chain Sweetgreen has set out to create a visual series that highlights the different lunches served to children around the world.

The photo series shows how nutrition standards stack up in education systems across the globe, and ultimately reveals the shocking discrepancies and shortcomings that exist between US lunch trays and the rest of the world's.




South Korea





The United States

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