These Samoa Doughnuts Will Change The Girl Scout Cookie Game Forever (Photos)

The hybrid food craze has given us some pretty awesome super-sized snacks as food aficionados constantly compete to come up with the next insane frankenfood creation.

Remember when we showed you that massive Kit Kat bar some guy made for his girlfriend?

Well, there's a new oversized confection on the block that is going to give those little Girl Scouts and their tiny cookies a serious run for their money.

Behold, Samoa Doughnuts.

That's right: The snack gods have finally answered our prayers by taking everyone's favorite Girl Scout cookie to the next level of super-sized deliciousness.

Created by the evil geniuses over at Thrillist, these delectable doughnuts are the puny, pathetic cookies transformed into a big, badass Samoa snack. It's even more mouthwatering than anything from your wildest dreams.

These scrumptious snacks feature a fluffy doughnut base that is then loaded up with a heaping pile of toasted coconut caramel and smothered in glorious chocolate ganache.

I know; you may want to take a moment to let that soak in and wipe away those tears of joy.

If you're wondering how you can get your hands on these tasty treats, you'll be glad to know you can make them at home with the recipe provided by Thrillist.

Just gather up those ingredients, follow the step-by-step directions, and, in no time, you'll have a batch of drool-worthy Samoa donuts sitting in front of you just waiting to be devoured.

Instead of sitting around all day, waiting for a 12-year-old cookie dealer to deliver a little box of the Girl Scout goods, you can make your own super-sized Samoas and finally cut ties with that little cookie-wielding scout.

Feast your eyes on the almighty Samoa Dougnuts.

They're fluffy doughnuts piled high in toasted caramel coconut...

...and dunked and drizzled in heavenly chocolate ganache.

These addictive, delectable treats are pretty much your favorite Samoa cookie in giant form.

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