NASA Released Retro Posters That Are Free To Download And So, So Dope

NASA may have put men on the moon, but they didn't stop there when it comes to being cool. Last month, NASA's Jet Propulsion Labratory released 14 posters on their website that are retro visions of future excursions into space.

They take inspiration from a pretty cool chapter in American history too. Back in the day -- we're talking the '30s and '40s -- the WPA made posters advertising national parks as tourist destinations.

With retro designs that pay homage to American innovation, these posters have a blast-from-the-past feel with futuristic aspirations. It's the best of both galaxies.

Here are a few of my favorites, which I definitely plan on using to fill out my space-themed gallery wall.

The Grand Tour: A Once In A Lifetime Getaway

"Experience the charm of gravity assists," this poster adorably suggests. Riffing off an occurrence that happens just once every 175 years, the outer planets align for a quick, catch-em-all tour through space.


Mars: Multiple Tours Available

Someday, going to Mars will be as ho-hum as visiting the local library. Because we will all be LIVING ON MARS.


Kepler-186f: Where The Grass Is Always Redder On The Other Side

The first Earth-like planet found in what could be a habitable zone, Kepler-186f could be our future home away from home where red-wavelength photons cause the color palette to be topsy-turvy. It's basically a planet with its own built-in Instagram filter.


Venus: See You At The Cloud 9 Observatory

Can you imagine spending a lazy Sunday afternoon checking out the clouds on Venus? NASA can. Their idea of a floating observation deck is pretty trippy-fabulous too.


Experience The Mighty Auroras Of Jupiter

"Oh my god, your aurora is absolutely glowing." That's what everyone will be saying when Coachella is held on Jupiter.


Earth: Your Oasis In Space

In a thousand years, when futuristic jet-setters have to pay for air everywhere they go, Earth may just feel like the most luxurious travel destination in the universe.

Here, you'll be able to take your helmet off, lean back and stay put thanks to gravity. Earth will be this galaxy's Tahiti -- all the more reason to protect this gorgeous planet while we still can.


You can view all 14 of these retro-sci-fi posters here.

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