This Rescued Blind Owl Has Mystical-Looking Stars In His Eyes (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

It's rare to get up-close and personal enough with a wild owl to be able to stare into its eyes.

A blind owl named Zeus was rescued after colliding with a wall during flight.

He was found on a porch next to the wall he flew into, rescued and taken to the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California.

Instead of making sure he was OK and releasing him into the wild shortly after his rescue, researchers and staff members decided it'd be better if the wildlife center became Zeus' permanent home.

Now, Zeus no longer has to worry about having more accidents and risking his life due to his blindness.

After all, it's scary, dark world out there for a little, starry-eyed owl!

Meet Zeus, a blind owl currently residing at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California. His eyes look like constellations in the sky.

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Before ending up at the wildlife center, Zeus was found injured after hitting a wall of a house while flying.

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Once he was rescued, researchers determined the accident was due to his blindness.

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Instead of releasing the blind owl into the wilderness by himself, rescuers decided to keep him at the Wildlife Learning Center.

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Zeus was named after being rescued. The name Zeus, which translates to "the God of the sky," was perfect, due to his starry eyes.

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These days, you can visit the healthy and safe Zeus at the wildlife center. Here he is on Halloween perched on top of a pumpkin:

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Zeus no longer has to worry about the scary outside world. Instead, he'll just hang out with friendly guests and trustworthy staff members!

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