This 'Harry Potter' Fan Made An Epic Real-Life Version Of The Weasley Clock

by Anna Menta
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Guys, "Harry Potter" fans are actual magic. This is the only possible explanation for the awesomeness of this REAL, FUNCTIONING WEASLEY CLOCK.

A genius on Reddit, who is after my heart and wallet, designed a real, working clock that replicates the one the Weasleys had.

If you'll recall, the Weasley family owns a magical clock with spoons instead of hands, and each spoon represents the location of a family member.

The clock sits in The Burrow, the Weasley home, and the spoons shift to things like home, work and school, as well as more abstract concepts like lost and mortal peril.

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So, how does the real-life clock work? It works by tracking family members' locations on their smartphones and then adding a little bit of the magic of the real world: complex engineering.


Reddit user tbornottb3 walked us through the complex process of this wizardry with a series of pictures on Imgur. I will attempt to understand and explain the process as best as I can.

The project began with the frame of an antique clock.


The design was mapped out and laser cut onto the frame.


Here's where the real magic happens: the coding. Do not ask me to explain this because I can't.


This is the app, If This Then That (IFTTT), used to track each family member and update everyone's location.


The creator explained,

Most of the rules are location-based (setting me to WORK if I enter my university library, HOME if I enter my dorm), but you can set other triggers too (set me to HOLIDAY if the forecast calls for snow, set me to MORTAL PERIL if the stock of the company I'll be working for next year drops too low).

Here are the crazy wires and things that, somehow, translate the data to the LEDs that light up to indicate a person's location.


BOOM. The freakin' WEASLEY CLOCK! How awesome is that?!

Ummm, so where can I buy this? Seriously, I would pay at least as much as I paid for my MacBook for this bad boy. I'm guessing Warner Bros. already offered this Reddit user mad cash for this genius invention.

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