Guy Creates Magical Photos Of Himself 'Flying' Around On A Broomstick

If you're like any magic-loving Muggle, there's a good chance you've daydreamed about zipping around the Quidditch field on a broomstick.

But it's kind of hard to fly through the sky when you're not a student at Hogwarts.

Unless, of course, you are Daisuke Kujiraoka, aka Halno.

He's pretty much a wizard when it comes to conjuring up some awesome Instagram pictures, which feature him flying around the world on a broomstick.

He came up with this magical concept a couple years ago, and since then, he's created an incredible series showcasing his sky-high endeavors.

According to Halno,

We were exploring aesthetics that would be fun for us to shoot, and the broomstick levitation captures eventually became my trademark.

All of his whimsical photos are seriously impressive and will probably make you insanely jealous.

Meet Daisuke Kujiraoka, aka Halno.

He's known as the "Japanese Harry Potter."

He takes incredible pictures of himself flying around the world on his broomstick.

Look! It's a bird!

It's a plane!

No, it's Japanese Harry Potter!

You can find Halno impressing the ladies with his magic stick...

...flying by for the perfect wedding photobomb...

...grabbing a hamburger as he hovers by the drive-thru...

...or floating through the air with a few of his friends from Hogwarts.

Every wizard knows flying broomsticks are way cooler than airborne bikes.

Plus, Halno's broomstick is faster than a car.

And it's the best way to escape the spells of his wand-wielding opponents.

No matter where Halno jets off to on his magic stick...

...you can be sure he'll snap some seriously stunning photos of his sky-high escapades.

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