Rapper Cam'ron Is Hiding $100 In Cereal Boxes All Over New York City (Photos)

When you're picking up groceries after a long day, the last thing you expect to be is happy.

That's primarily because at that point of the day, your caffeine rush is slowing down, and you're becoming more and more tired by the second. But what if we were to tell you that your brutal trip to the store might result in earning some cold hard cash?

Because it can -- if you live in New York City. According to Thrillist, rapper Cam'ron, also known as "Killa Cam," is hiding $100 in cash inside of cereal boxes sold at bodegas all over New York City.

Side note: If you're unsure what a "bodega" is, it's just what New Yorkers call their small corner stores.

Anyway, back to Cam'ron's cereal. The Harlem native teamed up with Virgin Mega to plant boxes of Cam's "Killa Crunch" cereal around the city. Your job would be to find out where they are and snag one before they're all gone.

Interested in being a winner? Keep up with the secret locations by following the #KillaCrunch hashtag or follow Virgin Mega on Instagram, where it'll announce locations from Friday, April 10, to Sunday, April 12.

I mean, who wouldn't want cereal, free money and a free T-shirt?!

Virgin Mega announced it will be selling a limited run batch through both the iOS app store and the Android app store starting at 4PM on Monday, April 13th.

It's true, New York-based rapper Cam'ron has teamed up with Virgin Mega to create something special -- Killa Crunch cereal:


From April 10 to 12, Cam'ron will be hiding boxes of the cereal all over select grocery stores in New York City:


The best part? There's $100 in cash inside each box as well as a free T-shirt (and possibly some cereal, too):


So far, three people have located boxes of Killa Crunch, but there are still more out there:


Keep up with the #KillaCrunch hashtag on Instagram for announcements from Virgin Mega on new locations!


Be careful out there!

Lmaoooo they bout to jump me for this shit pic.twitter.com/KQhVx67UbV — ✨Rembrandt Duran✨ (@Remdelarem) April 10, 2015

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