Hipster Guys Everywhere Are Now Sporting Rainbow-Colored Beards (Photos)

The possibilities are endless when it comes to doing some awesome stuff with your beard.

Remember when we showed you those dudes decked out in holiday-themed facial hair?

Well, just when you thought you've seen it all, there's another hairy hipster trend on the horizon.

Since the holidays are over, turning facial tresses into Christmas trees is clearly out of season, so guys are starting to swap out their beard baubles for a splash of bright color.

That's right, colored beards are now a thing, and they're transforming those dull, lumbersexual beards into vibrant works of manly art.

From hipsters sporting various shades of violet to guys boasting big multicolored rainbeards, there's pretty much no limit to how creative you can get with this new trend.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these cool, colored beards.

A purple beard is the perfect way to add a subtle splash of color to your face.

Nothing is manlier than a mountain of pink facial hair.

This blue beard is pretty sweet.

A red, white and blue beard because 'Merica.

A colored beard like this will make other guys green with envy.

If you want to go all out, you can dye your hair and eyebrows, too.

Does this beard match my outfit?

This guy has the ultimate rainbeard.

For a really fun look, you can mix and match different hairy hues.

This aqua beard is the epitome of style.

Or, if you're feeling daring, you can go for the gradient look.

A colored beard can really spruce up your selfies.

Adding a bit of blue can really make your beard pop.

This multi-colored beard is a manly work of art.

Matching your beard to your sunglasses is super chic.