This Dog Looks Just Like A Raccoon, And He's The Most Adorable Pet Ever


There are a lot of insanely cute animals populating the Earth.

Remember when I showed you that sweet sleeping pup named Maru the other day?

Well, if that delightfully drowsy dog gave you all the feels, you might want to brace yourself. I just found a new critter on social media who is so damn cute, he'll bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Allow me to introduce you to Tanu, a Japanese raccoon dog.

According to BuzzFeed, back in June, Tanu was discovered by his current owner after being abandoned, and now this little guy is gaining a lot of attention on the Internet thanks to his charming Twitter account, chibi_tori.

During a recent snowstorm, a photo of Tanu warming up next to a little stove went viral. No, I'm serious, the Twitterverse practically died from an overdose of cuteness.

Tanu might just be the most adorable thing that's happened to social media since those scientists held that #Cute Off competition.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this fella.

Meet Tanu, a raccoon dog.

This lil' nugget is a Tanuki, which is a Japanese critter that basically looks like the love child of a badger and a raccoon.

Recently, Tanu became quite the sensation on social media...

...and now people can't get enough of this Twitter account that chronicles his precious adventures.

Apparently, Tanukis tend to hibernate for the winter months... there are a lot of photos that show Tanu snuggling up and catching some well deserved rest.

But when Tanu isn't drifting off to dreamland, you can usually find him sitting around looking all damn adorable...

...or eating a home-cooked meal as he simultaneously melts your heart.

Tanu's other hobbies include cuddling...

Playing in the snow...

Warming himself up next to the stove...

...and making the Internet lose its mind over how precious he is, of course!

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