People Are Posting All Sorts Of Adorable Animal Pics In This #CuteOff

If you're on top of your Twitter trends, you may have seen last week's #JunkOff.

If you were lucky enough to miss this hot topic, let me fill you in. Animal dick pics basically took over the Internet as scientists competed to find the most impressive baby-making parts in the animal kingdom.

As you can imagine, social media got pretty weird.

Now that our eyes finally healed from seeing things like elephant boners and zebra balls, scientists are back with a new competition. Thankfully, this one is a lot easier on the eyes.

That's right, there's an all-out #CuteOff competition going down on social media, and biologists are sharing pictures of the most adorable creatures known to mankind.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the cuddly contenders.

You might want to prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of cuteness...

Joining the #CuteOff with my Paraphidippus sp. Still one of my all-time fav shots I got ( — Kali Clark (@LycosidaeLove) September 1, 2015

...because people are having a #CuteOff on Twitter to find the most adorable animal on Earth.

I present you Pteromys momonga, as my entry into this #CuteOff contest. — Benjamin Burger (@benjamin_burger) September 1, 2015

The #CuteOff all started when two scientists, Anne Hilborn and Marcella J. Kelly, got into a discussion about the cuteness of bat-eared foxes...

Ok guys, what #serengeti species are these cuties? #mammalwatching — Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) August 31, 2015

...and baby bears.

OMG -@AnneWHilborn's bat -eared foxes may be even cuter than @BenCAugustine's baby bears @whapavt — Marcella J. Kelly (@marcellajkelly) August 31, 2015

Tons of other biologists joined the debate with their own precious pictures.

Let's just make it clear, this old pic of my friend Haui-san pretty much takes #CuteOff to a whole new level. — ZooKeeper Rick (@ZooKeeperRick) September 1, 2015

The competition is really heating up.

#CuteOff certainly needs some piscine representatives — Fluvial Fishes Lab (@donaldorth) August 31, 2015

We've seen curious little coatis...

#cuteoff coati stealing my heart!! @bristolmuseum — Bonnie Griffin (@BonnieBeasties) September 1, 2015

Fluffy squirrels that aren't afraid to show the camera some love...

We heard Twitter was having a #CuteOff. Behold, a marmot kissing a camera: #parksnotcoal — Greenpeace USA (@greenpeaceusa) September 1, 2015

Snuggly slugs basically pretending to be rabbits...

I gotta contribute a nudibranch that looks like a fluffy bunny (Jorunna parva) to the #CuteOff. Go fluffy bunny slug! — Milana Featherbottom (@sidetracht) September 1, 2015

Tiny bugs that look like reindeer...

Bugs are adorable, especially when they play "let's be reindeer" #CuteOff — Bea's Bugs (@arthrobea) September 1, 2015

Flying bundles of cuteness...

You think that is cute? #CuteOff (from #beeflies — Erica McAlister (@flygirlNHM) September 1, 2015

Mouse lemurs that will make you squeal with delight...

Mouse lemurs are glad just to be part of #cuteoff. They're so happy! They're so happy that they are mouse lemurs. — James Pitt (@Sahelanth) September 1, 2015

Smiling salamanders...

#CuteOff you say?? I've got this. #TeamHerpetology @Bailiuchan — Katy Greenwald (@amphibs) September 1, 2015

Teeny, tiny cuttlefish...

This #CuteOff needs moar inverts: The #SQUEEE is strong in this freshly-hatched little #cuttlefish, Sepiola atlantica — Carina M. Gsottbauer (@CarinaDSLR) August 31, 2015

...and a precious pair of baby cheetahs.

MoneyPenny's cubs stalk her tail #CuteOff — Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) August 31, 2015

These little fellas are so damn adorable, you won't be able to contain your overwhelming amount of joy.

And this #frog woke up just in time to enter the #CuteOff! — Jonathan Kolby (@MyFrogCroaked) August 31, 2015

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