This Precious 10-Week-Old Pup Found A Loving Home, Despite Her Scars (Photos)

There is a special place in hell reserved for people who hurt animals.

If it were up to me, all animal abusers would be subject to the same tortures they inflicted on the poor, innocent creatures they hurt. But, I digress.

Lisa, an adorably scruffy 10-week-old puppy, was one of those animals unfairly subjected to horrific circumstances. When she was rescued by Silicon Valley's Humane Society, the poor pup was covered in scars, and her eyes were so badly damaged, surgical intervention was necessary.

The shelter staff feared, because of her shocking appearance, little Lisa would never be placed in the loving home she so deserved.

But, Christine Doblar and her family fell in love with the sweet puppy as soon as they met her.

She told The Dodo,

My girls were freaking out the whole time that somebody else was going to take [Lisa]. She's pretty funky looking [but she] has such a wonderful, sparkling personality. The fact that she was going to each of us, and [was] just as loving and exuberant with everyone she greeted…We looked at a few more dogs, but nobody could compare to that.

The Silicon Valley-based family adopted Lisa, whom they renamed Lucky that same day.

Now, the nearly 3-month-old is living a life full of love, cuddles and plenty of playtime, and from the looks of it, she couldn't be happier.

The Doblar family found Lisa at Silicon Valley's Humane Society and fell in love with her instantly, despite the pup's admittedly “unusual-looking” appearance.

The pup's personality drew the Doblar family to her. According to shelter employee Finnegan Dowling, "[Lisa] was a pretty typical, wiggly, squirmy, happy puppy.”

Dowling added, “She loves other dogs and toys, is ridiculously kissy and she'll lick your nose clean off. She wasn't hesitant or frightened or timid at all.”

The Doblar family was smitten and adopted Lisa that day. Christine Doblar explained they renamed her Lucky because both parties were "lucky."

Lucky now lives at home with the Doblars and her 6-year-old brother, a chocolate lab named Pelé.

The little sweetie is as happy as can be.

Lucky's story may have only just began, but thanks to the Doblars, it'll be a happy story from here on out.

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