11 Useful AF Things You Can Do With Pumpkins This Fall

When sizzling days spent soaking up rays at the beach slowly transition into weekends filled with apple picking and hitting up local wineries, we change along with the season.

Our refreshing daily dose of matcha is replaced with a Venti PSL.


Sandals are tucked away as we break out leather combat boots.

We bid farewell to sundresses and t-shirts as we update our wardrobe with flannels. Well, maybe not THIS week because it's hot AF outside, but that's another story.

That time of year to switch up our hair to the hottest new color trend, like white honey, is finally upon us.

And, last but most certainly not least, it's the season that revolves around pumpkins... literally, pumpkin EVERYTHING.

Pumpkin picking is low-key one of my favorite things to do, like, ever.

I love absolutely everything about it, from picking out the ~ultimate~ pumpkin to carving it for my front porch.

Baking the pumpkin seeds holds a special place in my heart as well, obviously.

I'm pretty much all about that pumpkin lifestyle throughout the fall.

Not only are pumpkins super cute to have as jack-o-lanterns on your steps, there are many other uses for them as well.

Here are 11 things you can do with pumpkins this season…

They make for the most festive cocktail glasses.


Seriously though, you just KNOW what you'll find me doing all season long. Cheers!


A DIY pumpkin vase is super chic and makes for the prime centerpiece.


Deck your front door out with a trendy AF pumpkin wreath.

Make an adorable pumpkin snowman, because why the heck not?


A pumpkin diorama is the perfect addition to your autumnal display.

I bet this house looks v. lit at night with this sick pumpkin walkway.

OK, can we just talk about how insane this pumpkin party cooler looks? Ready to throw it down like, "WHAT'S GOOD?"

I really need this one in my life ASAP.

If you're feeling super creative and don't want to waste the inside of the pumpkin, treat yo' self to a homemade pumpkin face mask…

Or pumpkin body scrub.

Pumpkin and sage hummus, anyone?

Step one: make pumpkin soup. Step two: I'd say it's only appropriate to eat it out of a pumpkin bowl, right?