Finally, You Can Retract Drunk Texts Before They're Read With This New App

Looking for a new, secure way to communicate with your buddies?

There aren't many apps out there that offer industrial-strength encryption technology for something as simple as a text-based conversation with your best friends.

Luckily, we came across one that actually does! It's called Privates, a new messaging app engineered to safeguard your messages and keep evil hackers out with a variety of effective methods.

Privates, which is available on the App Store for free, uses a handful of features to ensure a secure line of communication, including patent-pending screenshot protection, self-destructive messages and even a message recall feature allowing users to retract messages instantly.

Yes, even your regrettable drunk texts are retractable!

Are your privates safe? Privates is a next-generation secure messaging app that protects your private messages end-to-end - even after they've been read!

Whether you're sending a text, a video or a phone number, Privates allows users to chat with the utmost security. In other words, it's your favorite messaging app on steroids!

As of now, Privates is only downloadable on iOS devices. Download the app here.

Check out the video above for a closer look!