This Insane Portable Island For Billionaires Will Blow Your Mind (Photos)

There are a few staple vehicles all wealthy people possess if they actually have money to blow.

Every true billionaire needs a few unobtainable toys to add to his or her fleet -- whether he or she hits up the Ferrari dealership and drops $1.6 million on a LaFerrari or lays out $700 million on this ridiculous 656-foot-long yacht.

Sure, that yacht I just mentioned sounds awesome, but you'd be surprised to learn there's actually something out there a lot cooler.

It's called Kokomo Ailand, and it's a vessel that pretty much doubles as a manmade, portable island.

According to Playboy, the watercraft was designed by Migaloo Private Submarines, a design firm in Austria.

Kokomo Ailand features a helipad, a beach club, numerous private decks offering breathtaking views and even a lavish penthouse suite at the very top.

This thing was designed for only the most ostentatiously rich clientele.

At this point, you're probably wondering what the price tag on this thing is, but it all depends on what the client's wishes are, according to the European design firm. From the looks of it, I'm guessing it won't be cheap.

Could you imagine being able to set sail, away from the chaos of society, and relax on a manmade private island designed by you? I totally can.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

At first sight, you might mistake this for some kind of mysterious spaceship or something.

But, it's actually a manmade, portable, private island!

It's called the Kokomo Ailand.

Designed by Migaloo Private Submarines, this lavish watercraft features its own helipad, as well as multiple lounge areas and decks.

The Kokomo Ailand's breathtaking design has people wondering exactly how much something like this would cost.

But let's just say you need to be in the club of billionaires to afford one of these. I mean, look at the waterfall on this private island.

This doesn't look the least bit cheap to me!

Ah, I could totally get used to this!

The vessel also features its own penthouse suite offering panoramic views at the very top of the structure.

So far, we've just seen renderings of the Kokomo Ailand's initial design. But who knows, maybe someone will actually order one!

Check out the video below for a closer look.

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