Russian Models Prove They Flex Harder Than Anyone Else On Instagram (Photos)

When it comes to being ridiculously wealthy, there are a few types of people in the world: old money, nouveau riche and the Russians.

The Russians are pretty much the exact opposite of the more modest, old money folk, and they certainly excel at showing the world their ridiculously high net worths.

Many of these elite Russians also happen to be drop dead gorgeous supermodels, and these globe-trotting beauties have some of the most insane Instagram photos boasting their billionaire lifestyles.

In-between fashion week runway shows and Vogue photoshoots, these women make time to load up their social media accounts with images showing them living it up in the lap of unfathomable luxury.

Their photos include everything from an #ootd dripping in diamonds and expensive furs to pictures of them posing in front of their helicopters.

Other times, these lovely ladies just like to keep it simple by snapping a few selfies on their private island getaways or showing off the lavish party they attended, wearing the most coveted couture, of course.

Nonetheless, these girls all have something in common: They have some serious Instagram game and know how to flex their wealth harder than even the Rockefellers could have imagined.

If one thing is for sure, no one does billionaire status better than these Russian supermodels. Not to mention, being insanely hot and rich probably makes them the envy of almost everyone on Earth.

Take a look at the photos below to see these the Russian supermodels of Instagram.

Daria Strokous

Irina Shayk

Irina loves her private beach vacations...

But you definitely won't find this model sitting in coach.

Lada Kravchenko

Lena Ashikhmina

Lena Perminova

When Lena's not feeding zebras on an African safari...

She can be found kissing the Effiel tower.

Or flying around in her badass private helicopter

Maria Sharapova

Natasha Poly

Natasha knows how to travel in style...

And this girl can even turn foosball into a luxe-looking game.

Lina Shekhovtsova