19 People Reveal The Things They Always Do Right After Having Sex

Humans tend to be creatures of habit. So, we all have certain rituals ingrained in our daily routines.

Not too long ago, we gave you a glimpse of all the things people habitually do before having sex.

From eating pineapple and drinking to smoking weed and putting on socks, there's no denying people do all sorts of interesting things to prepare themselves for steamy sessions between the sheets.

However, seeing all of these pre-sex rituals probably left you with one important question: Does everyone do weird sh*t after having sex, too?

Well, thanks to one secret-spilling app, we now have the answer.

Whisper recently set out to gain some insight on people's post-sex habits by asking a bunch of individuals to dish out the deets on all the things they like to do after getting down and dirty.

Their answers include everything from refueling with some well-deserved snacks and snapping post-sex selfies to feeling guilty about f*cking and, probably the worst of all, overreacting about the possibility of catching an STD.

Yep, reading some of these confessions will definitely make you feel more normal about your own post-sex routines.

Check out the pictures below to see all of the interesting things people do after sex.

String cheese after sex is clearly the key to a happy relationship.

I have to go finish the job myself.

I like to let the smell of sex linger.

Time for a water balloon fight!

Nothing beats some funny YouTube videos and cuddling.

That f*ck definitely deserves a high five.

We like to get up close and personal.

We do our secret handshake after the deed is done.

In a bedroom far, far, away...

I don't wash my hands.

We keep it clean by heading straight to the bathroom.

The lazy one always goes down to the kitchen to get some snacks.

For some reason, I always feel guilty after having sex.

She wasn't into the team celebration.

Sex always makes me feel good about myself.

But first, let me take a post-sex selfie.

After we get it on, I like to watch other women get it on.

I rank my exes according to the sex.

I turn into a herpes-hypochondriac.

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