15 People Reveal The Pre-Sex Rituals That Get Them In The Mood

Sex is an incredibly personal experience, so it should come as no surprise we all have different things that make us tick.

Yesterday, we let you in on all of the little things guys get turned on by.

If you thought that was entertaining, you'll be glad to know those steamy confessions aren't the only sex-related insights we have up our sleeves.

Whisper, the app that lets you profess your precious secrets to the world via anonymous messages, recently asked a bunch of people to reveal the things they do before rolling around in the sheets.

Their confessions include everything thing from getting in the mood by listening to baby makin' music or watching porn to some other pre-sex rituals that seem a bit out there, to say the least.

Take a look at the photos below to see all of the interesting things people do before having sex.

I smoke to make the sex better.

Flexibility is a major key.

I can't get in the mood unless I watch women get it on.

Eating pineapple is an absolute must.

Whatever ups your performance.

You gotta make sure you smell nice for your partner.

I give myself a pre-sex pep talk.

I channel my inner McLovin.

We take it off...from the ankles up.

I sample the goods.

I pray that she doesn't get pregnant.

I listen to some seductive music to set the mood.

I always go for a warm-up run before the main event.

We make each other laugh.

I make them fall in love with the twins.

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