These People Absolutely Crushed 7-Eleven's BYO Slurpee Cup Day (Photos)

On April 11, 7-Eleven held a Bring Your Own Cup Day, inviting all its customers to fill up almost any size cup from home with any Slurpee flavor for just $1.49.

If there's one thing we can all learn from this Slurpee sale, it's some people will stop at literally nothing when it comes to scoring a sweet deal.

Therefore, it should be no surprise most people saw this as the perfect opportunity to get the most bang for their brain-freezing buck and decided to make BYO Cup Day their b*tch. They hit up 7-Eleven with the most ridiculous drink vessels you could possibly imagine.

Throughout the day, these geniuses got their drink on by filling up everything from Crock-Pots and KFC buckets to entire kiddie pools with their favorite frozen drink.

But really, what the hell are you supposed to do with an entire pool of Slurpee?

No container is too ridiculous for BYO Cup Day.

Holy cow! Is that Slurpee in a tea kettle?

A rice cooker really keeps your drink insulated.

Just giving myself an epic brain freeze with this bucket full of Slurpee.

Even scientists love a good deal.

May the freeze be with you.

This should be everyone's Slurpee squad goals.

I think they used the wrong type of drum for this.

Ugh, I hate it when my watermelon doesn't fit in my cup holder.

These girls used everything besides the kitchen sink.

He's practicing for the Polar Bear Club with this giant kiddie pool of Slurpee. 'Merica.

The Colonel has nothing on 7-Eleven.

BRB, I need to go ladle some Slurpee into my mouth.

It's a little pregame snack before the show.

This guy is #winning.

They're 'bout to turn up with a couple magnums of Slurpee.

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