Beautiful Photo Series Invites People To Share Their Biggest Regrets

by Emily Arata

Everyone has at least one regret.

A compelling photography project from London-based artist Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi asks strangers on the street to share the darkest part of themselves with the camera.

On her website, Dragoi explains sharing is the first stage of healing for many of the people she photographs.

She writes,

I think that frequently when you share your thought with somebody, even if it is strange person, you release the black stain which is on the soul and you can feel free.

To Dragoi, the most rewarding part of the process was asking strangers what no person close to them ever could. Although some turned her down, she still created a personal connection.

Languages and home countries aside, Dragoi managed to tap into one of the few things that unite us all.

"I regret I could not help more my child."

"No regrets!!"

"I did not feel the time as a student."

"Things not going to plan."

"My biggest regret was not to go to Disneyland in Paris, in year 2006."

"I regret I did not have the right parents."

"Dropping out of college."

"Not [becoming] a footballer."

"Shagging Lee's mum."

"Our biggest regret is that we didn't move here many years ago. WE LOVE IT HERE."

"Not saying 'I love you!' enough."

"Not writing as much as I'd like."

"I regret I do not have a second child."

"I would like to share more intense and faster live communication with people. Directly, of heart."

"Because I do not have enough courage."

"Because I focused more on 'knowing' rather than 'feeling.'"

"What I did last night."

"I have no regrets!!!"

"Not listening."

"When I stole my sister's money!"

"I regret believing people can change."

"I regret I could not focus more on the present."

"I regret that I am old."

"Developing an addiction to alcohol."

"Not being with my father when he died 15 years ago."

"Not having the confidence to be the best I can be!!"

"I regret I do not have more time to play."