17 Photos That Prove Paris Fashion Week Is All About The Food

When you think of Paris Fashion Week, the designer clothes are probably the first things to come to mind.

PFW is the place where designers and models leave it all on the runway with the hopes of becoming the next big things in the fleeting world of fashion.

While most people pay attention to the outfits and take note of the newest trends, I prefer to set my sights on what people eat in between runway shows.

Yep, food also happens to be a pretty big deal during PFW, and the food you'll find during this seven-day style extravaganza usually looks even more impressive than the runway ensembles.

That's right. I've seen fashionistas showing off all sorts of stylish snacks that prove fashion and food go hand in hand during PFW -- from haute lattes sporting leaf print and ready-to-eat pastries decked out in detailed frosting.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all of these tasty treats.

If you thought designers were the only stars of Paris Fashion Week... clearly haven't seen the plates of your favorite fashionistas.

That's right. Food is also pretty important during Paris Fashion Week...

...and it's not hard to see the cuisine looks just as incredible as the couture.

Between the mouthwatering, modelesque pastries...

...and the breathtaking backdrops, Paris is practically begging to be the capital of fashionable, food-porn photos.

Just look at the detail in this cupcake's designer ensemble...

...and these colorful ready-to-eat macarons.

Don't even get me started on the croissants in this PFW collection.

Tommy Ton clearly mastered the art of matching eats with the perfect accessories.

Floral seems to be a re-occurring theme on the PFW menu...

...and this stylist's sip proves latte leaf is definitely the trendiest print of the season.

Nothing can top these haute plates from Hôtel Costes...

And these fashionable French fries...

Except maybe this chic chocolate cake...

...and these sparkling drinks, of course.

Plus, these ladies prove rosé has a flattering color that makes every gal's glass look good.