Paddleboarder Gets Knocked Off Board By A Dolphin While Riding A Wave (Video)

It's always annoying when another paddleboarder violates the unwritten rules of the lineup and drops in on your wave.

But, you know what's even worse than being cut off by another paddleboarding bro? Being body-slammed by a big ass dolphin trying to ride the same wave as you.

Matt Minich and Peter Nelson were recently paddleboarding and surfing at Hermosa Beach in California when they encountered an unexpected surprise.

As Minich paddled toward a wave, a dolphin suddenly launched out of the water and knocked him right off his board.

Luckily, Minich and his flipper friend weren't hurt during the collision.

In fact, for some reason, Minich really seemed to enjoy the whole thing and later wrote on Facebook,

 It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Top ten for sure.

Check out the video above to see this paddleboarder being owned by a dolphin.

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