The NYPD Seized $1 Million Worth Of Weed And This Is What It Looks Like

by Robert Anthony

Ever wonder what a ridiculous amount of weed looks like?

Well, thanks to three not-so-genius dudes in New York City, we can now visualize $1 million in marijuana!

According to Gothamist, the NYPD seized about $1 million worth of weed from three men who were attempting to unload a crate, labeled "art," from a suspicious van.

Who knew "art" was slang for "300 pounds of dank bud"?!

The crate of "art" wasn't the only one seized. A second crate, labeled "auto parts," contained about 150 pounds of marijuana and was also seized during the bust.

The interception took place at 144 Bleecker Street in Manhattan's West Village neighborhood at approximately 1:20 pm on Friday.

Arrested and charged with criminal possession of marijuana were 46-year-old Manhattan resident Patrick Johnson, 27-year-old Staten Island resident Matthew Parrigo and Christopher Bender, also 27 and based in Staten Island.

Now, if only we could find a way to stop criminalizing a medicinal substance that is long overdue for proper legalization and social acceptance...

Here's what $1 million worth of weed looks like:

NYPD via Twitter

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