Nutello The Pug Is Definitely The Most Fashionable Dog On Instagram (Photos)

By now, you've probably seen all of the designer-clad Rich Dogs Of Instagram and the New York City pooch turned menswear model.

If you thought those pups were bringing the Fido fashion game hard, just wait; you haven't seen anything yet.

There's a new breed hanging around the high fashion fire hydrant and this barking badass is really marking his territory.

Meet Nutello the Pug.

Recently, this Switzerland-based pup has been blowing up the social media scene with an adorable Instagram account documenting all of his insanely stylish adventures.

From plaid patterns that bring out his inner hipster hound to disco dog throwbacks complete with a furry 'fro, there's no denying Nutello has some doggy style that is straight fire.

Take one look at his effortlessly cool styles incorporating trends from across the globe, and it's not hard to see this guy puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to dressing up in the trendiest designer digs.

Seriously, not even Karl Lagerfeld could top the style of this dope little doggy.

Feast your eyes on Nutello, the always adorable Pug.

He's the next face of canine couture, and he can't even see the Fido fashion haters with his Ray-Bans on.

Nutello knows a thing or two about hipster hound nonsense.

Karl Lagerfeld has nothing on this furry, four-legged style icon.

Nutello's fashion game is seriously strong.

Fido knows how to look fly in sweater weather.

Plus, he's all about those hound hats.

Dog disco throwback, ya dig?

Nutello makes bow ties look seriously badass.

Whether this doggy is ready to rock his style on a runway in Dubai...

Or he's mixing it up with a little style inspiration from India...

...he always looks effortlessly stylish and canine cool.

Nutello makes office casual look oh so stylish.

And he brings streetwear to a whole new level of swag.

He always looks fresh in his Fido fitted.

And he's all about that "orange is the new black" trend.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this dog has some seriously dope style.

He just makes houndstooth and doggy denim look so damn good.

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