This New Keyboard Could Make You Type Faster Than Ever Before (Photos)

If you haven't yet mastered the skills of keyboarding like a pro, typing can be a pretty tedious task.

Seriously, nothing is more frustrating than having to type up a 10-page report when you're relying on the old two-finger method of pecking away at your keys.

But have you ever thought that maybe it's your keyboard that's been making you a terrible typist for all of these years?

Well, luckily, some computer whiz just came up with a new keyboard design that will make you break up with that old traditional keyboard once and for all.

That's right, say "goodbye" to that awful QWERTY layout, and say "hello" to the BeeRaider keyboard.

This innovative keyboard was created by Ray McEnaney. Like many people, McEnaney was frustrated with the traditional layout of keyboards, so this busy bee spent the last decade of his life searching for a solution.

Thus, the BeeRaider was born.

So, what makes this bee-inspired board different from all the others?

Well, this keyboard has a formation of keys that almost looks like a buzzing bee, with two "wings" of keys positioned around a radial center section.

The logic behind this board lies in the arrangement of the letters.

To reduce fatigue, this layout places more frequently used keys in the middle, with those less frequently used, like Q and X, toward the outside of the board.

If you're wondering how you can get your hands on one of these buzzing bad boys, you can pre-order one now for $112.49.

Feast your eyes on the future of efficient typing.

The BeeRaider keyboard looks like a flying bee with two "wings" positioned around a circular middle section.

To reduce fatigue, the important keys are near the center, and the less frequently used ones are positioned toward the outside.

To get a closer look at this awesome keyboard, check out the video below.

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