The Images Of Earth's Newest Pacific Island Are Truly Breathtaking (Photos)


Mother Nature tends to have a give and take relationship with Earth.

Sometimes, she destroys things with natural disasters. Other times, she builds some pretty incredible stuff, like the brand new island that just formed in the Pacific Ocean.

That's right, an underwater volcanic eruption created a mile-long island just off the coast of Tonga.

Thanks an adventurous tour guide, Gianpiero Orbassano, and his two pals, we now know what this incredible locale looks like. On Saturday, the three ventured to the island and climbed to its summit.

All of the images they captured on their journey into uncharted island territory are pretty epic, not to mention breathtakingly beautiful.

Check out the pictures below to see this awesome volcanic island in the Pacific.

Feast your eyes on this brand new island.

This island is nestled near the existing Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai formation...

...and is located off the coast of Tonga, about 28 miles away from Nuku'alofa.

It is believed the island was created by an underwater volcano that began erupting about a month ago and continued to expand until a new island popped up in the middle of the Pacific.

On Saturday, three adventurous guys from Tonga set out to capture the first pictures of this new, unnamed island.

After hopping off their boat and onto the black, ashy shore...

...they made their way up to the top of this incredible island.

They estimated the island's height reaches about 820 feet.

After a tedious climb, they finally reached the rim of the island's crater...

...and captured some awesome pictures of the island's crater and its green lagoon.

They took advantage of this beautiful backdrop for a quick, not to mention epic, photo op.

According to Orbassano, “We had a beautiful view of the volcano, which inside is now full of green emerald water, smelling of sulphur and other chemicals.”

It's not hard to see this island is the hottest thing to hit the Pacific.

No, literally. Orbassano reported while the island felt pretty solid, it was still relatively hot to the touch.

Before you start making plans to visit this place, you should know some scientists think this island is unstable. Therefore, it's probably not the safest place for your next tropical island getaway.

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