Move Over, Flower Crowns: People Are Wearing Bean Sprouts In Their Hair (Photos)

Flower crowns are definitely having a moment in the music festival scene.

Take one look into the crowd at any given EDM concert, and it's not hard to see the flower crown essentially became the basic bitch of festival accessories.

But if you're starting to feel a bit over the whole flower-child look, I have some good news for you. There's a new budding accessory trend that will let you embrace your inner green goddess without wearing an entire bouquet of blooms on your head.

Behold, bean sprout hair slides.

This trend took root in China, and now lots of people are transforming their manes into miniature gardens by rocking pins embellished with fake bean sprouts. Rumor has it this new trend was started by a character from "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf," a Chinese cartoon show.

At first glance, this trend might seem a bit strange, but in some cases, these charming little hair pins look surprisingly cute.

Move over, flower crowns.

There's a new accessory growing in popularity.

People in Beijing are ditching the blooms for some bean sprouts.

Yep, bean sprout hair slides are China's hottest new accessories, and now everyone is getting in on this cute beauty craze. Even dogs.

Bean sprout hair slides are basically little hair pins garnished in fake bean sprouts.

This new trend lets you flex a little Mother Nature-approved fashion...

...and transform your lovely locks into a delicate garden by creating the illusion a tiny plant is growing right out of your head.

You can rock a single sprout...

...or go all out and transform your mane into a leaf-lined masterpiece.

If bean sprouts aren't really your thing, you can swap them out for a few mushroom-topped pins...

An elegant, baby-sized bloom...

...or a whole field of flowers.

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