25 Adorably Hilarious Dog Selfies To Celebrate National Selfie Day

by Robert Anthony

Obscure national days are perhaps one of the most underrated benefits to living in the United States.

From National Doughnut Day, to National Rotisserie Chicken day, America constantly finds new ways to celebrate our most random obsessions both edible and inedible. The most recent national day to catch my eye is National Selfie Day.

I mean, isn't everyday technically National Selfie Day on social media?! How does one celebrate something they do year-round regardless of what day it is? Well, that's not just a rhetorical question.

The answer is simple: National Selfie Day should only be celebrated by making your pets take selfies for the world to see. We should rid the Internet of our stupid, repetitive human selfies and replace them with animal selfies. Who's with me?!

To help build a better case, here are 25 adorably hilarious dog selfies to celebrate National Selfie Day the right way.

Alright, we get it. Snapchat's dog filter is a joy to play with...

...but on National Selfie Day, it's time we leave the dog selfies to the real dogs.

Like this badass pup who only takes selfies when he's "bored at obedience class."

Ah, dogs, they're just like us. They even take "fake smile" selfies.

Without thumbs, their selfie-taking techniques aren't always flawless, though.

And sometimes the camera flash is just too much.

Dogs like to show off their new outfits just like we do.

If you think your dog isn't selfie-practicing on your phone, you're wrong.

As soon as you leave the room it's #SelfieTime.

I mean, why shouldn't it be? We get to show off our new homes, cars and significant others. Well, dogs can, too!

Whether they're rooting for their favorite sports teams...

...or pretending to be really sleepy...

...the dogs of Instagram prove time and time again that they run the selfie game.

I call this the "potato chip beggar" selfie.

Other selfies include the quintessential airport selfie.

The GQ pose selfie

The "what are those?!?!" selfie

The "I'm super tired but clearly still have enough energy to post a selfie" selfie

The "before I do anything I must say good morning to my loyal fanbase" selfie

The "what you lookin' at" selfie

The "hey guys, checking in just in case you forgot what my face looks like" selfie

The "having a super-chill day at the park with mom" selfie

The "why is my human photobombing me" selfie

And, my personal favorite, the casual "I got a new car but I'm trying to be smooth about it" selfie.

So, let's face the facts here. Dogs have the selfie game covered. There's no reason we should continue to steal their shine on National Selfie Day...

...but first, let me take a selfie.