Move Over Hoverboards, This Genius Made A Drill-Powered Skateboard At Home


These days, getting around can be quite a hassle.

Whether you're standing around, wasting your life away as you wait for an overcrowded bus to pick you up and transport you to work, or you're frantically hunting for a parking spot you know doesn't exist, it's never easy.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Inspire To Make, we're shown exactly how to go about making a drill-powered skateboard in the comfort of your own home using just 6 items.

According to Sploid, a man named Igor is the mastermind behind this makeshift skateboard that cost him under $500 to build. Igor was able to hook up the drill bit to the skateboard wheels using a handful of different items including a brass wire wheel brush, an extension bit holder, and a right angle drill attachment.

The only downfall is, to navigating around town on this beauty you'll have to hold a full-size drill in your hand the entire time...

Yeah, not so practical but it's still pretty sweet to watch this thing come to life in a 2-minute time lapse video!

Let's just say, a drill-powered skateboard makes those illegal "hover board" things look so, so childish.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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