You Can Now Buy Socks Already Mismatched, So Life Will Never Be The Same (Photos)

We all know the familiar laundry struggles associated with socks.

Matching 20 pairs of socks in one sitting might be the most monotonous task on the face of the planet.

Not to mention, over the years, I had countless socks fall prey to the dreaded dryer monster, leaving me with a sad pile of lonely single socks.

Yep, the matching sock struggle can be pretty real.

However, Cole Page, Roger Nahum and Match du Toit came up with a solution that will knock your socks off!

Recently, these Millennial masterminds set out to make mismatched socks a fashion statement with their innovate apparel company, SWAP Socks.

Each pack of SWAP Socks contains four different socks, giving you the ability to mix and match the bold styles as you please.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some socks that will rock your world.

Thanks to SWAP Socks...

...your sock struggles are about to become things of the past.

Founded by a trio of guys...

This innovative company is on a mission to break the norms of fashion... making mismatched socks a new trend.

Each pack of SWAP Socks comes with four "perfectly mismatched" socks...

...letting you mix and match eye-catching styles any way your soles see fit.

Plus, these socks are good for your other soul as well...

...because you can rock these bad boys knowing you're supporting a good cause.

Every pack of SWAP Socks sold helps to raise awareness and aid for eye health around the globe.

Currently, there are over 285 million people suffering from some sort of visual impairment.

By partnering up with Seva Foundation, SWAP Socks provides funding for eye care projects delivering vital medical services to those in need.

So, wearing mismatched socks is really a win-win for everyone.

Check out the video below to learn what SWAP Socks is all about.

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