The New Face Of Motherhood: Young, Cool Moms Who Are Totally Killing It (Photos)

Generation-Y is growing up and entering the prime stages of adulthood.

So, you know what that means.

Every day, more of our friends are starting to settle down, tie the knot and start a family.

The face of motherhood is now being taken over by Millennials, and to be honest, these new moms are totally owning the parenting game.

Like every generation of mothers, Millennial moms have their own unique style of child rearing that tends to be a bit different from the way their parents raised them.

These young moms are known for being tech savvy, open-minded and protective, which often influences their modern approach to motherhood.

Whether these moms are sharing baby selfies on social media, planning the perfect kid's party on Pinterest, dominating the mommy blogging scene or simply encouraging their little ones to look at the world from a different angle, there's no denying Millennial moms are going to raise some pretty amazing kids.

Take a look at the pictures below to some of the things that make Millennial moms different.

Every Millennial mom knows you're not really pregnant until it's Facebook official.

You only buy all-natural, organic, gluten free, non-GMO baby food.

Or, you just make it yourself from scratch because you can never be too sure.

If you're into ink, there's a good chance you have a tattoo of your baby's name.

Your Instagram has slowly become your kid's Instagram.

You consider yourself to be way more fun than the ordinary mom.

Your closet does not contain a single pair of "mommy jeans"....

And style is still a top priority for both you and your baby.

In fact, your little one probably owns more accessories from Etsy than you do.

And you get your baby's #OOTD inspiration from pint-sized Insta-famous fashionistas.

Your child's birthday parties are just a real-life version of your Pinterest boards.

Your baby learned how to unlock an iPhone before learning how to walk...

And takes more impressive selfies than Kim K.

You know the lyrics to “Let It Go” better than any of your kids.

You have no shame wearing matching outfits with your little one on the reg...

And ironic tee shirts are definitely a wardrobe staple.

Your baby is pretty much attached to your hip and goes everywhere with you.

Whether you're just running errands...

Kickin' back at Coachella...

Or grabbing the carseat and going on grand adventures all over the world.

Millennial moms consider baby names like "Bodhi" and "Blue Ivy" to be perfectly normal...

And your 3-year-old can work a tablet better than your parents.

You social media followers know more about your child's potty-training progress, temper tantrums and life events than some of your relatives...

And you have more fun hanging out with your baby BFF than most of your adult friends.