Mexican Drug Lord Gets Busted Because Of His Absurdly Baller Instagram (Photos)

You hear about it every now and then. Some crook puts himself in prison because of social media. Now, this is a much more serious event that took place of course, but the same concept.

A Mexican drug lord pretty much incriminated himself after he used his Instagram account to post flashy, over-the-top photos of him flaunting his wealth.

Whether it was him hanging out with Paris Hilton, or sitting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador with a gold AK-47 assault rifle in hand, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa was living it.

These photos pretty much seal the deal. Does this look like a Mexican drug lord to you? Do the math.

Gamboa was taken into custody at Amsterdam airport.

He's also known as "El Chino Antrax."

He's is suspected of being one of the top leading enforcers for the powerful Sinaloa Cartel.

He pretty much incriminated himself by posting flashy photos on his Instagram account.

He's known for his taste in high fashion and luxury cars.

Feedback from the public includes things like "What a d*ck. Generic douche taste. F*cking parasite."

A lot of his Instagram photos were taken of him before heading out.


He fed a parrot a Coors Light... because Mexican drug lord.

Each photo represents the lavish, but deadly, lifestyle these guys live.

Gamboa's insane collection of modified firearms were often times the focal point of his Instagram photo frenzy.

Every night was a party.

He was known for wearing a skull ring on his ring finger.

Anything he wore was expensive, designer, douchebag couture.

A bunch of his photos feature him partying on yachts with girls.

This guy thought he was the real-life Scarface.

He had all types of cars from Lamborghinis to BMWs.

You might've accidentally used one of his gaudy photos to spice up your Tumblr page.

There goes the infamous skull ring again. There's no way this guy isn't corrupt.

H/T: Memolition, Photos courtesy of: Instagram