Here's What Happens When A McLaren Police Car Races A Drone In Dubai

As if base-jumping off of the tallest building in Dubai wasn't enough, we now know what it's like when a McLaren squares up against a drone in the "City of Gold."

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by World Drone Prix, we're introduced to, perhaps, one of the most obscure (and super-luxurious) matchups you'll ever see: a 650s versus a drone.

We knew drone-racing was a thing, but we didn't know drones could keep up with lightning-fast luxury supercars.

We finally made it to "The Jetsons"-like future we've been dreaming about.

The craziest part about all of this? If you look closely, the McLaren is actually a police car -- a very expensive police car you could never imagine being shot at by fugitives. Like, $265,000 expensive.

The video was released to raise awareness about the World Drone Prix, a drone-racing event that takes place in Dubai and features over 100 different teams competing for 1 million US dollars in prize money.

Check out the exhilarating video above for a closer look!

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