People Are Seriously Confused About McDonald's Chocolate-Covered Fries

by Eitan Levine

Go home, McDonald's. You're a drunk mess, and it's only 4 pm. What do you mean, “No, I'm not!”?

You're drizzling chocolate on your French fries and eating them! NO! PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON! WE'RE IN PUBLIC!

As much as McDonald's is the kind of restaurant you haven't been to sober since before 10th grade, it's a pretty typical fast food restaurant.

It doesn't really push the culinary limit by experimenting with foods to create hybrids like the Cronut or the Flatizza.

In fact, the closest things you'll get to McDonald's letting its freak flag fly are the McRib and the Shamrock Shake, both of which are only offered on a limited basis because if they were offered year-round, the space-time continuum would tear.

This all makes the fact McDonald's started selling chocolate-drizzled French fries in Japan sooo flippin' weird.

McChoco Potato?! Who names your items, McDonald's? Drunk Grimace?

The Internet is confused AF at you, Mickey D's.

This invention is like McDonald's got drunk and then snuck into a McDonald's.

At least this person likes it.

I'm very excited for McDonald's next invention: Big Sprinkled Macaroon-amel. (It's a McDonald's Big Mac with macaroons and sprinkles, and it's covered in caramel. You know, just like how McDonald's does stuff.)

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