This Manicure Hack Will Give You Instagram-Worthy Nails Every Time

Giving yourself an Instagram-worthy manicure isn't always as easy as they make it look at the salon. Yep, painting your nails can actually be pretty hard, not to mention seriously messy.

I am by no means a mani master, so I can't tell you how many carpet casualties I've caused over the years by accidentally dripping my favorite blood-red polish on the floor.

If you happen to share my messy manicure struggles, I have some good news for you. We just came across a nail hack that will make your mediocre manis a thing of the past.

Behold, the Tweexy. The ingenious contraption makes painting your nails easier than ever by letting you wear your polish right on your hand.

That's right, the Tweexy looks like a rubber ring setting that is compatible with nail polish bottles of any shape or size. It even comes in three different colors options: blue, green and pink.

Since this thing keeps your precious polish securely in place, you can pretty much paint your nails wherever you please without making a huge mess.

Check out the pictures below to see this awesome beauty product:

Painting your nails just got a whole lot easier...

...thanks to the latest invention sweeping across the beauty scene.

 This clever contraption is called the Tweexy...

And this rubber device basically turns your nail polish into a ring...

 ...that keeps your polish accessible as you paint away.

 The Tweexy is designed to securely hold your polish in place...

 ...and let's you paint your nails virtually anywhere.

Plus, it features a unique design that works with ever type of nail polish under the sun.

If you're looking to get your hands on one of these rubber rings...

...they are currently being sold online for $21, and they even come in three color options.

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